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In 2013, Paige created a blog called, "Asking Jude." Within six months, it transformed into an advice column with more than 7,000 members. 

In 2015, she founded an internship program for university-level psychology students as its hiring manager. The job application assessed academic background, counseling skills, and writing level. 

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Before she saw the end of high school, she had already written recommendation letters for top universities like University of California, Berkeley and Columbia University. She saw some of her best interns get accepted into such prestigious undergraduate and graduate psychology programs. 

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By 2016, she had a team of 10 to 15 psychology students that answered submissions from a growing user base of 20,000. Her team members were responsible for answering submissions of diverse subject matter, using valid counseling techniques, verified resources, and empathetic feedback. 

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In 2017, she expanded Asking Jude as a multimedia source, creating educational videos about psychology for its growing community. She also founded Asking Jude's donation page, where she acquired a network of donors. 

By 2018, Asking Jude was receiving press coverage

from student publications like Study Breaks Magazine

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In 2020, Asking Jude moved to its own platform with the help of community donations and her own web designing skills. She also allocated the roles of hiring manager, business management executive, and quality control manager to long-time, deserving team members.  

Asking Jude now has a user base of over 31,000 and hopes to continue to grow its community on its new platform. 

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